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At Resume Creations our mission is to provide you with the high-quality resume you must have to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive job market. Our resume creation services are tailored for new graduates, professional, and executive level clients in all types of industries and job functions. We offer numerous additional career marketing services that will complement your new resume. These important tools include cover letters, follow-up letters, LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies, and one-page summary resumes.

Personal consultation is the foundation of our resume-writing process. Working closely with each client one-on-one, we define your unique combination of experience, skills, and achievements. The result is a resume that conveys a clear, concise, and brand-anchored portrait of who you are and the value you bring to your next employer.

Jim White, president of Resume Creations, personally handles each client project. Jim has owned a national Top 10 recruiting company, held management positions with a Fortune 10 company, and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources. Additionally, he has earned the Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) designation, a high-level certification that signifies mastery of best-in-class resume strategies.

Your chance to gain a prospective employer's attention is 2-5 seconds. If you are not getting interviews it could be the quality of your resume, not the quality of your achievements, skills, and experience that is killing your job search efforts. Hiring authorities are overwhelmed with hundreds of resumes and often use scanners, assistants, or third parties to screen out potential candidates. If your resume does not reflect who you are and what you can achieve for your next employer stop wasting your time. The decision makers will never lay eyes on your traditional resume, period.

We can fix your problem immediately! For a free, no obligation gap analysis, email your current resume to, or call 804-720-0004. Let us help you get noticed in Virginia, nationally or internationally. Whether you want to stand out with your resume in New York or are looking for expert help for your resume in Calfornia, we are fully equipped and eager to serve you.

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